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ADCA and PDCA Registered Irish Dexter Cattle

Quality Seed Stock, Premium Beef and Family Milk Cows

Quakie Lane Farms

SMALL in Size - BIG in Taste & Personality

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At Quakie Lane Farms, we LOVE our heritage Irish Dexter cattle! We are committed to raising quality registered seed stock, premium beef and trained family milk cows for those with small acreages, homesteads and farmsteads. Imported from Ireland, Irish Dexter cattle are ideal for these types of operations!


We are a small farm with a small quality herd and we like it that way! It allows us to give our herd lots of hands on attention.


There is no better time than now to get back to your roots and revel in a self-sufficient lifestyle with the most versatile, smallest and most docile multipurpose breed of bovine on the planet!

Dual Registered with ADCA & PDCA

Our herd is Dual Registered with the ADCA (American Dexter Cattle Association)

and the PDCA (Purebred Dexter Cattle Association of North America). Both registries require genetic testing be performed prior to registering any animal. We are also members of the Rocky Mountain Dexter Breeder’s Association.

Dexter Colors

Dexters come in three colors – Black, Red and Dun. Our diverse herd is Wild Type Red, Recessive Red, Black and sometimes Dun. Our Dexters will often genetically carry multiples of these colors. We especially love the "wild type red" color with black points (black nose and hooves) and currently breed for it specifically in our herd.

Polled or Horned

We breed for Dexters without horns (polled). The majority of our herd is homozygous polled meaning they cannot produce offspring with horns. We prefer polled cattle as they tend to be safer to be around. The lack of horns prevents accidental injury to humans and other members of the herd. Through selective breeding, we are working to make our entire herd homozygous polled.


We critically evaluate our entire Dexter herd against established standards for the breed as well as our own high standards for hardiness, disposition, height, hooves, beefiness and udders. We strive to breed Dexters that meet the standards for which they were originally bred. We are committed to breeding true to type, small, quality, well-handled Irish Dexters as they were meant to be. Dexters were bred for their small, beefy, compact size to provide both beef and milk. We strive for all these qualities in one small compact package.

HMDD Winchester Irish Dexter Bull

Dexters for Showing and 4-H Projects

Dexters are the ideal prospects for showing and 4-H projects for youth desiring to show cattle. They are naturally smaller in stature, easily trained, easy to handle, friendly, and docile, making them safer to work with, especially for children. We strive to halter train all of our Dexters so they are ready for youth to take over. If you are looking for a fun and safe 4-H project for your children, you can't go wrong with Irish Dexters!

HMDD Winchester  - Irish Dexter Bull

A2/A2 Beta-Casein Milk Protein

The A2 milk protein present in Dexter milk is said to be easier on digestion and preferable to the A1 protein found in the milk of other breeds. However, these claims require more research. We breed for the A2/A2 milk protein in our Dexters with the majority of our herd being A2/A2. Through selective breeding, we are working to make our entire herd A2/A2 for those who feel this is important.

Uniformly Sized Herd

We strive to have a uniformly sized herd that falls within the mid-range of established standards for Dexters. Standards require Cows to range in height between 34-46 inches and Bulls between 36-50 inches. We breed for Dexters that are beefy, making them the perfect family-sized beef. Our cows must also have an outstanding udder for milking.

Chondrodysplasia and PHA Free

Our herd is free of PHA (Pulmonary Hypoplasia Anasarca), a lethal genetic mutation and Chondrodysplasia, a gene that causes dwarfism. We do not breed for Chondrodysplasia and breed responsibly to non-carriers.

Dexter Milkers

All our Dexter heifers/cows are conditioned from an early age to be milked. Unlike dairy breeds, you are not tied to milking them twice a day and left wondering what you're going to do with all the milk! Dexters produce a manageable 1-3 gallons of milk per day for a family. Comparable to a Jersey, milk can contain 4-5% butterfat! Perfect for making butter, cheeses, ice cream, yogurt and, of course, delicious creamy milk! Dexters are referred to as the "Modern Milk Cow" as they meet the needs of a family in today's fast-paced world and busy schedules.

Delicious Gourmet Beef

Dexter beef is some of the best tasting beef in the world. Dexters consistently rank in the upper top ten in national taste tests, above Angus. Dexter beef finishes well on both grass and grain. It is highly sought after by world renowned chefs such as Gordon Ramsey. Dexter beef is robust, beefy, flavorful and tender - it is NOT your grocery store variety of meat! Once you have tasted a properly finished Dexter beef, you won't want anything else! Due to their smaller stature, Dexters also produce a manageable amount of beef for a family, giving you twice the cuts of meat over the traditional half beef one gets from Angus.


Disposition is everything when it comes to Irish Dexters. If a Dexter is not friendly and easy to handle, it's not a Dexter. Our Dexters are friendly, clever, curious, docile, easily trained and handled, not dangerously "flighty" like other breeds, and downright comical. This is why we chose this breed of bovine! We have found them to be very good therapy in today’s fast-paced technological world. If they don't have a good disposition, they aren't a Dexter and you won't find them in our herd!

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Dexter Bulls & Stud Service Available

We typically have quality, genetically tested and registered bulls available for Stud Service for guest females. We are committed to breeding true to type quality Dexters that are small, quiet and well-handled. We also select a very limited number of bulls to sell each year. Dexter bulls are ideal for use by commercial producers of Angus and larger cattle. When used on first calf heifers, producers can virtually eliminate calving issues. Please call or email us for more information and availability.

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