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Dexter Beef

"They're Magically Delicious!"

Dexter Beef Customer Photos & Testimonials...

Dustin Rib Photo.jpg

Dustin is a big "Dexter Foodie Connoisseur" and loves to send me pics of his Dexter Beef meals! His text reads, "Fall off the bone short ribs!"

Dustin T-Bone Pic 2.jpg

Dustin loves his Dexter beef. He sent this photo and his text reads, "They were glorious!! Can't wait to try the other cuts!!"

Dustin T-Bone Photo.jpg

Dustin's text  for this photo reads, "So good!! We've loved every bit of all the meat so far!! Still have plenty of recipes to go!!!"

From Our Farm to Your Table

Highly sought after by world renowned chefs such as Gordon Ramsey, Irish Dexter beef is a culinary experience you will not soon forget. Dexter meat is robust, rich, beefy, tender, juicy, and incredibly delicious. In blind taste tests, Dexter beef consistently rank in the top three, above Angus. It is not your average feedlot variety of meat you get from the grocery store!


From Our Farm to Your Table

Growing a Dexter beef is akin to creating a fine wine. For two years, a Dexter is allowed to grow to the optimum size. Those destined for the table live a peaceful, pampered and care free existence on our farm with plenty of sunshine and fresh air. During the warm months, they roam lush green pastures with year around access to natural streams of water that run through the farm. During the winter months, they are supplemented with vital minerals to keep them healthy and fed high quality hay from the very fields they roam. Quakie Lane Dexters are grass fed and lightly grain finished to add the perfect amount of fat for tenderness and marbling. They are highly efficient foragers, grazing on a variety of vegetation such as rosehips, willows, clover and native grasses. All of which add wholesome flavor to their already delicious meat. No hormones, No steroids, No antibiotics. Period. We offer wholesome, delicious beef –  From Our Farm to Your Table.


What to Expect

We sell whole and half beef direct to the consumer. Our beef is processed at a local state inspected facility where they follow our strict standards for processing. The beef is dry-aged for a minimum of 14 days to develop depth of flavor and tenderness. Once aged, it is cut and packaged in airtight vacuum sealed packages.


How Much Will it Cost?

The average Dexter steer weighs 700 lbs. at 24 months of age. This is the age they are typically processed. Hanging weight for a steer weighing 700 lbs. is approximately 420 lbs. We sell grass fed and lightly grain finished Dexter beef by the half and whole for $6.50 per lb. of hanging weight. THIS INCLUDES THE COST OF PROCESSING. Hanging weight is the weight of the beef once it is put in the cooler to age and is typically 60% of the live weight of the animal prior to processing. The processed/packaged weight of the animal averages 60% of the hanging weight after removing bones and waste. However, it is not uncommon for a Dexter beef to yield almost 70% since there is less bone waste due to their shorter stature.


The following prices are based on a 700 lb. steer and subject to change based on the actual hanging weight of the animal at the time of processing.



At $6.50 per lb. of hanging weight, a half a beef

will yield approximately 125 lbs. of delicious beef                                $1,365.00*





At $6.50 per lb. of hanging weight, a whole beef

will yield approximately 252 lbs. of delicious beef                                $2,730.00*

to fill your freezer. *INCLUDES THE COST OF PROCESSING.


Meat is processed at a state inspected facility. We cannot ship out of state at this time.



Our Dexter beef is in high demand and sells out quickly. We recommend you reserve your beef now! To reserve your beef, use the form below. We will keep in touch with you and let you know when your beef is ready to be processed. Beef is processed on a first come, first serve basis so don’t wait! Once we have reserved or sold all the beef for the current year, we will start reserving beef for the following year.

Check out this interesting article, "Beef Tasting Compares Ten Heritage Breeds."

For your convenience and buying power, we accept:

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Reserve Your Beef!

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Store Bought Angus vs Farm Grown Dexter.
Cooked Dexter Ribeye Steaks.jpg

Cooked Grass fed and finished Dexter Ribeye Steaks! YUM!

Dexter Steers

Dexter Steers dining on lush green grass with plenty of sunshine.

Dexter Ribeye Steaks

Dexter Ribeye Steaks. They're Magically delicious!

Dexter Beef in the making

Delicious Dexter Beef in the making...

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