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Quakie Lane Farms - Irish Dexter Cattle For Sale

For your convenience and buying power, we accept:

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  • A 25% NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit is required to hold specific animals. Animals are not considered sold until the deposit is received from the buyer.

  • We accept Debit/Credit cards and Venmo for your convenience. A convenience fee of 3% is applied to credit card payments to help offset credit card charges. Of course, we also accept checks and cash payments!

  • Once deposit is received, animal must be picked up within a reasonable amount of time and/or as agreed upon by purchaser and seller.

  • Final payment is due upon pick up.


  • Transfer of ownership with the ADCA (Transfer of ownership with the PDCA is the purchasers responsibility);

  • Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) if being sold outside the state of Wyoming. Valid for (30) days;

  • Wyoming Brand Inspection. Valid for (7) days. If not picked up within (7) days of brand inspection being performed, purchaser is responsible for the cost of additional Inspections;

  • Testing required for transport of animal(s) within or outside the state of Wyoming and copies thereof. Testing requested by the purchaser is the responsibility of the purchaser;

  • Copies of all genetic testing performed on the animal being purchased and any relevant parent testing to validate their "by obligation" status;

  • Health records of the animal(s) being purchased;

  • And, of course, we are always here to help and answer any questions you may have - no expiration!

  • All sales are final as we have no control over animals after they leave our farm. However, we want you to be happy with your purchase, so please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns!​


Steers are sold unregistered and only with the required Wyoming Brand Inspection.



E+/E+ (Wild Red), Homozygous Polled, A2/A2

ADCA: Registration Pending

PDCA: Registration Pending

DOB: 04/08/2023

Sire: HMDD Winchester ADCA #046760

Dam: Moosters Hallelujah Lane ADCA #044682


Genetic Profile:

Color: E+/E+ Wild Red

Polled Status: Pc/Pc (By Obligation)

Milk Protein: Beta Casein A2/A2 (By Obligation)

Chondro: Negative (By Obligation)

PHA: Negative (By Obligation)


Introducing Quakie Lane's Copper Blaze “Copper” (Registration Pending). Copper is pictured here at only two and a half months of age. He is an excellent, chunky bull calf with a very calm and friendly disposition. He is also quite the comedian, always making us laugh. Although he is young, Copper is showing great promise as a herd sire. He checks off every box with his genetic profile and promises to produce excellent calves with beefy builds. Copper is E+/E+ (Wild Red), homozygous polled, and A2/A2. We are very impressed with how well he is growing out and make no mistake, he is all bull. He will be dual registered with the ADCA and PDCA.


Copper’s dam [Hallie] and sire [Winchester] are both pictured above. Copper can often be found playing in the pasture and showing off his potential as a bull. His sire, Winchester, has blessed us with some of the most beautiful calves we have had to date.


Copper possesses a nice straight topline, nice conformation, and lots of bulk in all the right places. Copper definitely has that "bull look" about him and there is no mistaking he is a bull. He will be undergoing halter and lead training shortly and before being sold to his lucky new owner.


Copper’s sire, Winchester, is four years old and amazing. He is a big, but polite, “puppy dog” that can be approached at any time in the pasture. He loves his treats and loves to be brushed, but is always respectful of our space. He has excellent conformation, beautiful dark wild red color, and a disposition that can’t be beat. His Dam is five years old with a nice udder and produces a generous amount of milk for her calf. She has teats just right for milking and can easily produce more that one gallon of milk per day.


Copper will be available upon weaning in September/October.


A 25% NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit is required to hold him until weaned. Shipping is available at the purchaser’s expense.


Serious inquiries only please.

Sire: HMDD Winchester

*** SOLD ***

20210707_170959 (2).jpg
20210628_203144 (2).jpg

ADCA: Registration Pending

PDCA: Registration Pending

DOB: 04/05/2021

Sire: HMDD Winchester ADCA #046760

Dam: NFD Miss Faline ADCA #045091


Test Results available for the following:

Color: E+/E+ Wild Red

Polled Status: Pc/Pc (Homozygous Polled by Obligation)

Milk Protein: Beta Casein A2/A2 (By Obligation)

Chondro: Negative by Obligation

PHA: Negative by Obligation

Height: 26"at birth

Weight: 59 lbs. at birth


View the video above to see Fitz with his Sire and Dam in the flesh and in motion. I apologize in advance for some of the footage as my husband is not a great videographer! Also, the sire and dam needed some coaxing to lead as they were more interested in feeding than leading!

Quakie Lane's Fitz D. Bill (Registration Pending) comes equipped with all the "bells and whistles." He is an excellent WILD RED bull calf with a very calm and friendly disposition. Although he is young, he is already showing great promise as a bull and he just keeps getting better as time goes on. He will be dual registered with the ADCA and PDCA.


We knew the moment Fitz was born he would make a great herd sire. He is going to be a carbon copy of his sire, HMDD Winchester, who has blessed us with some of the most beautiful calves we have had to date. He is always by his father's side when in the pasture. Fitz possesses a nice straight topline, nice conformation and bulk in all the right places.  He definitely has that "bull look" about him. He is currently undergoing halter/lead training and stands to be haltered.


His sire is two years old,  48" in height at the hip and weighs approximately 950 lbs. His Dam is three years old, 41" in height at the hip and weighs approximately 700 lbs. She has a nice udder and teats just right for milking! Fitz will be available upon weaning in October.


A 25% Deposit is required to hold him until weaned.


Serious inquiries only please.

* * SOLD * *

1 Black Berry in Halter (2).PNG
Black Berry 0.png
Black Berry with Calf
1 Best Black Berry.jpg

ADCA: #045108

PDCA: #301511

DOB: 04/23/2018

Sire: CDS Bullseye ADCA #036287

Dam: HRD Miss Red Pepper ADCA #038828


Test Results available for the following:

Color: ED/e B/b Dominant Black, carrier of recessive red and dun

Polled Status: Pc/H (Heterozygous Polled)

Milk Protein: Beta Casein A1/A2

Chondro: Negative

PHA: Negative

Height: 43 Inches at the hip


This is a two for one package and a great way to start your own little Dexter herd! Black Berry was bred in October 2020 and is pictured here with her 2020 calf, Quakie Lane's Sweet Molasses (Mollie). Black Berry was sold to a co-worker several months ago as a family milk cow. Wanting to be closer to family, the co-worker and her family moved to Ohio. They were very concerned about transporting Black Berry and her calf (see below) such a long distance. To help them out, we brought them both back to the farm. Unfortunately, Black Berry had not yet been bred back, so we immediately put her in with our bull, HMDD Winchester, ADCA #046760 and PDCA #301923-C. He is a beautiful Wild Red bull (E+/E+), Homozygous Polled (Pc/Pc), A2/A2, Chondro and PHA Negative. Breeding was witnessed on 10/07/20, making her due on or around 7/17/21 with her second calf. She will be confirmed bred by the veterinarian via ultrasound before being sold.


Black Berry has an excellent friendly disposition, is an excellent mother, and delivered her first calf easily in 2020. Black Berry has an awesome udder, falls within the mid-range of height at 43 Inches and has a "beefy" build.


Sadly, Black Berry was bred late and is no longer in sync with the rest of our herd, so we must sell her. Black Berry is halter broke and leads, but could use some reinforcement training. We are working to reinforce her training now. She would make a great family milk cow for a small homestead. She was conditioned from a young age to be milked and was being hand milked in a stanchion by her former owners. 

Serious inquiries only please.

*** SOLD ***

Moosters Sunshine Mary
Quakie Lane's Darlin' Mel B

Mary is pictured here at 2-1/2 years old about two months after calving. Mary is a very gentle soul with an awesome build. She is just the right height and has an awesome disposition! She was my "go to" milk cow. She was selected for her size, color, conformation, genetics and pedigree. Mary blessed us with the most BEAUTIFUL black heifer and a bull calf in 2021. We named her heifer Quakie Lane's Darlin' Mel B. to finish off our "Spice Girls" theme. Mel B. has the most stunning eye color and personality. Sweet does not describe her. As with all our mamas, Mary is an excellent and protective mother and has an incredible udder.



ADCA #044682  PDCA #300927-C

SIRE: PRF Hondo Lane ADCA #031963 x DAM: Glenn Land Ms Willa ADCA #037972

Parentage DNA: G5

Color: ED/E+ (Dominant Black, carrier of Wild Type Red)

Polled: Heterozygous Polled (Pc/H)

Beta Casein: A2/A2 (Obligate)

Height: 43 Inches

Non-Chondro and Non PHA


ADCA #047528  PDCA #301953

SIRE: K Heart Wizard ADCA: 042032 PDCA: 301513-C x DAM: Moosters Sunshine Mary ADCA: 044355 PDCA: 300936-C

Color: ED/e (Dominant Black, carrier of recessive red. Cannot have Dun offspring)

Polled: Homozygous Polled (Pc/Pc)

Beta Casein: A2/A2 (Obligate)

Height at Birth: 24 Inches

Weight at Birth: 44 lbs.

Non-Chondro and Non PHA

*** SOLD ***

Moosters Yours Truly

Truly is pictured here at 2-1/2 years old. Truly is very gentle and one of our most cherished cows. Unfortunately, she did not calve in 2020. We fear we may have removed the bull too soon as he was showing interest in her just prior to removing him. We gave her the benefit of the doubt as she is absolutely beautiful and we could not bring ourselves to cull her in the event it was our error. **UPDATE** On 5/22/21, Truly gave us the most beautiful heifer calf, Quakie Lane's Wild Willow! We are retaining Willow for our breeding program and she can be seen in the "Our Herd" section. Truly is on the high side of what we strive for in size, but if you are looking for a beefy Dexter, this is your girl. She was selected for her color, conformation, genetics and pedigree.


ADCA #044684  PDCA #300881-C

SIRE: PRF Hondo Lane ADCA #031963 x DAM: Wieringa's Tracy LL ADCA #019345

Parentage DNA: G5

Color: E+/e (Has one copy of Wild Red Type and one copy of Recessive Red)

Polled: Heterozygous Polled (Pc/H)

Beta Casein: A2/A2 (Obligate)

Height: 44 Inches

Non Chondro and Non PHA

*** SOLD ***

Quakie Lane's Irish Whiskey

This is Quakie Lane's Irish Whisky and the first bull calf out of NFD Miss Faline. When Whiskey was born, I was in the Quonset hut with his mama, Faline. He was born at 3:50 AM and it was very cold. We spent some time warming him up and my husband relieved me so I could get some sleep. When I came out the next morning, Whiskey was in my husbands arms and they were cuddled up together with mama laying next to him. I wish I had had a camera with me as it was the most precious thing I have ever seen. His mama, Faline, is one of our most cherished cows. Whiskey bonded easily to us, is very gentle and was easily trained to lead. He will add class to any dexter herd with his conformation and genetics. His Sire was K Heart Wizard who is pictured in the "Our Herd" section.


ADCA #046968  PDCA #301836-C

SIRE: K Heart Wizard ADCA #042032 PDCA #301513-c x DAM: NFD Miss Faline ADCA #045091 PDCA #301516-C

Color: e/e B/b (Recessive Red, carries one copy of dun)

Polled: Homozygous Polled (Pc/Pc)

Beta Casein: A2/A2 (Obligate)

Height at Birth: 25-1/2 Inches

Weight at Birth: 50 lbs.

Non Chondro and Non PHA

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