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Our Adventure with Irish Dexter Cattle

Welcome to Quakie Lane Farms! We are located in historic Fort Bridger, Wyoming. **WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF MOVING OUR FARM TO MISSOURI IN 2023-24. MORE TO COME IN THE FUTURE!**

In 2018, we purchased a small farm and wanted to fulfill a life long dream. We have always dreamed of raising a little herd of cattle and becoming self-sufficient. Since we are nearing retirement age, we didn't want to raise dangerously "flighty" cattle like Angus that would barrel over us, and possibly kill us, without even thinking about it! We wanted something different. We wanted a smaller breed of bovine that was friendly, easy to handle, and easy to train. The breed would have to be multipurpose, providing us with both meat and milk. It had to be a hardy breed since we live in Wyoming and winters can be harsh. It would also have to eat less than traditional beef and be easy on our small acreage. We wondered if such a bovine even existed. After much research, we discovered what promised to be the perfect bovine. 


Our research led us to the Irish Dexter. We had never heard of the breed, but found they are known for being the smallest natural breed of cattle in the world and are very versatile - being used for beef, milk and oxen. Dexter cattle yield tender, delicious, petite cuts of meat for the healthy-conscience family (ranking in the top ten in national taste tests) and can yield 1-3 gallons of milk per day with approximately 4% milk fat; perfect for making butter, cheeses and ice cream. Dexter cattle are known for their calving ease and are hardy, very easy to handle, docile, friendly, clever, curious, easily trained and CHOCK FULL OF PERSONALITY. What more could you ask for? 


With our decision made, we forged forward into the world of Irish Dexter cattle and we haven’t looked back! They have lived up to their reputation as the most perfect bovine and have not disappointed. Our first year calving was amazing. Our beautiful little first-time heifers calved without one issue and they are all astounding mothers. These beautiful little bovines have taken all the work out of raising cattle, making them ideal for beginners. Even more amazing to me is they are easily handled by women! No "man-handling" required. I am the one who does virtually everything with the cattle from vaccinating to training to loading them on the trailer when needed. Hard to believe? Don't take my word for it! Go view our videos on YouTube and see for yourself. WARNING: Be ready to fall in love...


Our small herd of seven quickly turned into (1) Bull, (10) Heifers and (6) steers with (9) babes due to arrive starting in March 2020. Our entire herd is dual registered with the ADCA and PDCA. Our main focus is on raising quality breeding/milking stock (with correct conformation, uniform size, great dispositions, A2/A2, polled, Chondro and PHA free) and premium beef for table fare. 


We are members of the ADCA, PDCA and Rocky Mountain Dexter Breeder’s Organization.

We are so excited to share our adventure with anyone interested in Irish Dexter cattle. If you find yourself falling in love with the breed and want to start your own adventure with Dexters, drop us a line. We may just have some Dexter cattle on hand to help you get started! If you are interested in purchasing a whole beef to raise on your own or would like us to raise one for you, call us! Dexters yield a manageable amount of meat for a family, making them the perfect family-sized beef. Unlike traditional beef such as Angus, you are able to utilize the whole beef rather than half, yielding a family twice the cuts of beef.

We welcome farm visits by appointment and if you just have questions, we love to talk about our Dexters! We’d love to hear from you!

Dexters are kid friendly cattle
Selfie with Dexter bull calf Whiskey
Walking with Dexters

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